Yet Another Sinatra Boilerplate

Motivation A few days ago I started my first web application with a Sinatra infrastructure. Coming mostly from the Ruby on Rails world, I was amazed to see how many of the basic features we take for granted in our Rails application, are hard to set up or even not existing in a Sinatra application. […]

Be Proud Of Your Commits

In, we have a nice procedure of merging new code to our master branch. We use GitHub’s neat Pull Request (PR) feature to gain two big advantages: 1. It is easy to see the commits and the files changed in the branch compared to master. It is a very good tool for code reviewing. […]

SSH Connection Closed While Deploying With Capistrano

I wanted to share with you a problem I’ve been having for the past few weeks with a deployment via Capistrano. We have a few web servers and a few resque servers which we deploy our code to. Web servers have app and web roles while resque servers have app and resque roles. When we […]

The Importance Of Naming Things

When you think about it, as programmers, we mostly deal with sequences of characters. I mean, for the compiler (or interpreter), it doesn’t matter if you write sadad = 3 or some_meaningful_name = 3, the end result is the same. Same goes for method names, classes and so on. Many engines were invented in order […]

Don’t Comment It – Test It

Comments in the code can be useful in some cases but most of the time the concept of comments is being abused. Too many comments imply a few bad things about your code quality: Trust Your Code It means that your code is not as readable as it should be. Your code should describe your […]