I’m a true technology fan.
I love open source and the world that surrounds it.
I appreciate good code design and well tested code.

I believe that as developers we should always strive to excel at what we do. Never submit code to “get the job done”. Submit code that will make you proud.

You can find me also on StackOverflow GitHub and Twitter.

A few open source projects I released:

Config-Server – A deploy-ready Docker image running a web server that will serve your configuration over HTTP. Just mount your configuration as a YAML file and get it running.
Paraman – A Clojure library that converts maps into HTTP encoded form-params or querystring. Supports arrays, nested objects and arrays of objects.
NGINX-API-Gateway – A boilerplate for testing an NGINX configuration in a micro-services architecture using docker and docker-compose.
Elixir-Dockerfile – An Elixir onbuild Dockerfile. Just put it into the root directory of your Elixir project and docker build to get a ready-to-deploy docker image.
Chef-ES-Backup – A Chef cookbook to backup and restore Elasticsearch indices.
TrackIt – A Ruby gem for tracking ActiveRecord attribute changes.
Phantom-Manager – A Ruby gem for handling multiple PhantomJS process behind a NginX server.
TraceD – A Ruby gem for tracing method execution time using Ruby and StatsD.


5 thoughts on “About.me

    1. The blog is hosted on wordpress.com so I’m kind of limited to whatever they offer…
      As far as I know they don’t have RSS integration but I’ll be happy to learn otherwise 😉

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